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About SecureBid USA LLC

Government Procurement Solutions

SecureBid was formed by professionals who have worked with government agencies throughout the United States over the last 20 years. The founders and designers of the SecureBid SystemTM have worked as professional service providers to all levels of the public sector including federal, state, county, and local. As a result of these many years of competitively bidding for work with public agencies, the SecureBid concept was born to reduce costs for public agencies in managing the bid process, improve the environmental impacts of the traditional bid process, and reduce costs for bidders to submit high quality proposals.

The SecureBid SystemTM is specifically designed around the requirements and restrictions of the public procurement process while streamlining inefficiencies and improving quality control. In the age of electronic communications, the SecureBid SystemTM brings the power of technology to modernize public bid management.

The SecureBid SystemTM

  • Provides open access for potential bidders to view and search for solicitations

  • Complements existing bid search engines and advertising services

  • Provides complete, security-protected bid management for buyers

  • Provides security-protected bid clarification and communication for buyers and vendors

  • Provides security-protected bid participation and proposal submittal

  • Provides security-protected submittal of additional technical data and information as required

  • Allows incremental submittals during open bids and tracks bid submittal status

Traditional Bid Notification Services


  • Predominantly bid notification and search tools

  • Agency (buyer) pays subscription to post solicitations

  • Some soliciations allow on-line submittals

  • Bidders encouraged to purchase subscription for advanced search and notification benefits

  • On-line bid submittal management tool

  • Agency (buyer) pays nothing to use

  • Bidders pay nominal fee per submittal

  • Agency (buyer) receives portion of bid fees to support costs of evaluation and selection process

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