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Public Agencies - Why Work With SecureBid?

Here are the reasons why SecureBid is an innovative and reliable tool for public entities in their solicitation process:

• SecureBid is a green practice for public entities that requires no cost to perform or participate.

• There is no purchase of a service, subscription, or product for public entities (vendors).

• SecureBid places the costs for the service on the appropriate party - bidders with commercial interests to do business with the public sector.

• The costs to the bidder are less than their current costs associated with submitting hard-copy bids in the traditional manner.

• SecureBid allows public entities to transition their procurement process into more modern methods by utilizing secure and reliable technology.

• SecureBid provides public entities a mechanism through which bid evaluation and selection costs are supported by the process.

• SecureBid reduces traditional electronic processing fees that are being passed on to public entities by successful bidders, thereby reducing public costs for projects or contracts.

How To Set Up An Account

In order to protect the security and integrity of the SecureBid platform for public agencies, a simple process must be completed that is free for governmental entities. Agencies wishing to manage the posting, advertising and bid/proposal submission process through SecureBid must either call our Account Services staff, or complete and re-submit the form provided at the link below.

Account Services - 214-998-8779

Public Agency Account Agreement

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