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SecureBid USA Bidder User Manual


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The SecureBid System is an online portal through which public agencies can manage vendors electronically submitting bids and proposals . The design and functionality of the system is focused around reducing the barriers to utilizing electronic submissions for bid and proposal opportunities, as well as streamlining the public procurement process in a responsible and modern way.

Here are some tips on how to use SecureBid:

  • To search for bid and proposal opportunities

    • It is FREE to search the entire SecureBid System for bid and proposal opportunities. Bids and proposals are available on SecureBid from agencies that utilize the System to manage electronic submittals.

    • Utilize multiple search parameters and criteria to find opportunities from around the United States that best fit you.

  • To "track" bid and proposal opportunities

    • Tracking allows you to monitor bid and proposal opportunities, participate in Q&A sessions with the purchasing agency, and view any changes to the bid or proposal specifications during the solicitation process.

    • It is FREE to register an account on SecureBid for purposes of tracking as many bids or proposals as you would like.

    • After you set up a FREE account, all bid documents and other information from any bid or proposal opportunity is available for you to access and download.

  • To submit bids or proposals

    • Unlike competitors and other similar systems, SecureBid doesn't operate under the "everyone pays" philosophy, nor do we have hidden incremental charges that ultimately increase the costs of services for public agencies and private providers.

    • You can upload and delete documents as you wish while you are finalizing the bid and proposal requirements. This is easily done by following the on-screen instructions.

    • Once you are ready to submit your bid for review to the purchasing agency or organization, click on the "Submit Bid" button.

    • In some cases there is a nominal charge ($35-$50) to submit bids or proposals to the purchasing agency. Fees paid by either the purchasing agencies or potential vendors support the costs of maintaining the System, and are purposely lower than the true costs of submitting traditional hard copy bids and proposals.

    • If fees are required to complete your secure submittal of a bid or proposal, you will be directed either to a payment page for credit card information, followed by a confirmation page. Once your bid is confirmed as successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.

    • After you have submitted a bid or proposal it is no longer available to you for editing.

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